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Multimodal AI Model for All Your Enterprise Needs

Empower your enterprise with Uniphore’s X-Platform, integrating advanced AI technologies to enhance customer and employee experiences across all touchpoints.

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Supercharge Your Operations with Multimodal AI

X-Platform combines Generative AI, Knowledge AI, Emotion AI, and Multimodal Conversational AI to revolutionize contact centers and sales operations, ensuring significant cost reductions and improved efficiencies.

  • Contact Centers: Enhance agent and customer interactions with real-time assistance and post-conversation analytics.
  • Sales Operations: Optimize engagement strategies using industry-specific AI models to boost performance and outcomes.

Enterprise AI Products

U-Self Serve

Enhance the self-service journey by utilizing multimodal AI designed for genuine human interaction.


Decrease customer support duration with workflows supported by agents and guided by real-time AI.


Capture every conversation in full detail, providing unrestricted data access for AI processing, analytics, and compliance needs.


Conduct comprehensive analyses of all conversations to identify compliance risks and engagement opportunities using AI and machine learning techniques.

Core Capabilities of X-Platform

Enterprise AI Technologies:

  • Proprietary ASR & NLU: Offers fine-tuned real-time and post-interaction capabilities to enhance communication accuracy.
  • Conversational AI: Supports natural interactions through voice or text, greatly improving the user experience.
  • Workflow Automation & Multichannel Data Capture: Streamlines operations across voice, text, and video channels, optimizing process efficiency.
  • Generative AI, Knowledge AI, Emotion AI: These dynamic AI solutions learn from each interaction to provide customized responses and emotional insights, deepening user engagement and connection.

Platform Extensibility and Innovation:

  • X-Platform for IT & Developers: Enhances your enterprise’s flexibility and control by extending API capabilities and integrating AI technology seamlessly into your systems.
  • X-Designer: Empowers business analysts and non-technical users to efficiently create and manage conversational flows and automation workflows, facilitating rapid deployment and iteration.
  • Partners & Resellers: Offers the ability to deploy and tailor products to meet specific industry requirements, maximizing the impact and effectiveness of AI solutions.

Enterprise Benefits


Customize and extend core functionalities through APIs and the X-Console.


Apply AI and automation consistently across products to minimize effort and maximize efficiency.


Empower teams to build, test, and iterate conversational AI experiences quickly.

Data Sovereignty, Security, and Compliance

Ensure data protection with adherence to PCI DSS, CCPA, and GDPR standards, securing customer trust.

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