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AI-Driven Conversational Analytics

Harness actionable insights to enhance contact center performance through advanced conversational analytics software.

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Turn Data into Actionable Insights

U-Analyze leverages generative AI to transform vast amounts of enterprise data from customer interactions into valuable insights. This powerful tool helps businesses understand customer behaviors, refine contact center operations, and enhance overall customer experiences.

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Evaluate voice, text, and video interactions to identify key moments and customer intent.
  • Risk Management: Reduce compliance risks through meticulous data scrutiny.

U-Analyze Features

U-Analyze offers an integrated suite of tools designed to transform your enterprise data into insightful, actionable intelligence that drives performance and enhances decision-making capabilities:

  • Customizable Dashboards: Gain immediate insights with real-time and historical dashboards that monitor service levels and agent performance, enhancing operational understanding.
  • Sentiment and Tonal Analysis: Improve customer satisfaction by promptly identifying and addressing customer frustrations through advanced sentiment analysis.
  • Intent Mining and Topic Discovery: Utilize AI to analyze customer interactions, uncovering emerging topics and hidden opportunities that can inform business strategies.
  • Quality Management: Accelerate and scale your quality management processes using AI-driven conversational analytics software, including searchable call transcripts and end-to-end automated interaction scoring.
  • Agent Feedback: Deliver targeted feedback to agents, empowering them to enhance customer interactions and service delivery.
  • Key Moment Identification: Employ AI to detect crucial moments within conversations, enabling teams to take the best next-step actions for improved customer experience and conversational quality.

Analytics Powered by Conversational AI Software

Understand and build the business case for implementing AI-driven analytics in your contact center operations.

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