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Reimagining Emergency Response in Healthcare

In the high-stakes world of healthcare, seconds matter, and in a crisis, they can be the difference between life and death. That’s why 911inform is committed to providing superior emergency management solutions tailored specifically for healthcare facilities. With our crisis management software, we strive to ensure that every second counts in any emergency situation. In the realm of healthcare, complying with emergency communication regulations is paramount. 911inform helps healthcare facilities maintain compliance with Kari’s Law & RAY BAUM’s Act without adding complexity to their emergency response procedures.

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Medical Facilities: Streamlining Emergency Response with a Robust Crisis Management Plan

At the core of our solution is a commitment to saving lives. As part of your healthcare facility’s crisis management plan, our software is designed to notify your medical staff and security teams instantly whenever a 911 call or text is placed within your building. Thanks to our detailed interactive mapping overlaid on Google Earth, first responders can quickly locate the emergency, improving response times and patient outcomes.

Assisted Living: Safety and Wellbeing for Residents through a Comprehensive Emergency Mass Notification System

Emergency situations in assisted living facilities require swift action and clear communication. The 911inform system integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, such as door access controls, video feeds, intercom systems, and panic buttons, offering a comprehensive safety solution. Our emergency mass notification system ensures the wellbeing of your residents by delivering timely alerts and information.

emergency mass notification system in healthcare center

Clinics: Taking Control in Emergencies with Effective Crisis Management Software

Patients visit clinics for medical treatment and advice, but unforeseen emergencies can happen. 911inform empowers clinics with full control over any emergency. Activated by any 911 call, our crisis management software and hardware ensures that your staff is immediately notified and equipped with the necessary communication tools to manage the situation effectively.

Hospitals: Precision in Crisis with an Adaptive Crisis Management Plan

hospital crisis communications software

Hospitals are no strangers to managing emergencies, but locating a 911 caller within your facility can be challenging. 911inform revolutionizes this process with a digitally overlaid map of your building, showing the quickest access route to the 911 caller’s location, ensuring that help arrives swiftly and accurately. Our software is an integral part of your crisis management plan, offering precision in every crisis.

Compliance with Legislation

Kari’s Law

We ensure adherence to Kari’s Law by providing direct, no-prefix dialing to 911 from within your healthcare facility. Instant alerts are sent to designated personnel when a 911 call is made, ensuring quick internal response alongside emergency services.


In line with RAY BAUM’s Act, our software conveys accurate Dispatchable Location Information. This ensures that first responders can quickly and accurately locate the emergency, reducing response times and improving patient outcomes.

Enhancing Patient Care with 911inform

In healthcare, the ultimate goal is to provide the highest standard of care to patients. With 911inform’s rapid response capabilities and integrated features, you can ensure that your facility is prepared to handle any emergency situation, thereby enhancing patient safety and care.

healthcare crisis management plan

Safety is Our Priority

At 911inform, we understand the unique demands and responsibilities of healthcare facilities. Our mission is to support your critical work by providing a reliable, effective, and customizable emergency response system. With our crisis management software & hardware, safety is always a priority.

Healthcare Emergency Management: The 911inform Advantage

With 911inform, you don’t just get an emergency response system, you get a partner dedicated to improving safety across your facility. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, offers precise location identification, and ensures instant communication during emergencies. Our emergency mass notification system further enhances this by delivering real-time updates during any crisis.

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