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In the fast-paced enterprise world, unexpected crises can pose significant threats to operations, personnel, and even business survival. This is where 911inform comes into play. Providing an advanced, responsive emergency management solution, we are reshaping the way businesses respond to emergencies, one notification at a time. In the enterprise environment, compliance with emergency communication laws is critical. 911inform is built with this priority in mind, ensuring that your business adheres to all key legislative requirements including Kari’s Law & RAY BAUM’s Act.





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Elevate Your Critical Event Management

Businesses, large and small, need robust critical event management systems in place to ensure quick response times and minimize disruption during emergencies. 911inform offers an all-encompassing emergency system, designed to pinpoint the location of emergency calls, provide instant access to detailed maps and visuals, and enable instant text to key on-site personnel.

Integrated with your existing security systems, 911inform offers control over building’s security mechanisms – from doors to lights and security cameras, all at your fingertips. It doesn’t just upgrade your response times. It revolutionizes your critical event management strategy.

Advanced Incident Command System for Businesses

Efficiently managing an emergency goes beyond just having a responsive notification system; it involves having an efficient incident command system in place. 911inform provides just that. Our software offers full situational awareness and communication across multiple platforms, enabling total transparency during any emergency.

The advanced features of 911inform’s incident command system include missing personnel tracking, LTE backup, real-time notifications, event acknowledgement, and accountability. Moreover, our software is fully customizable to meet your enterprise’s specific requirements, ensuring you have a system that fits your unique needs.

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Compliance with Legislation

Kari’s Law

911inform ensures compliance with Kari’s Law by providing direct, no-prefix dialing to 911 from your enterprise communication systems. It also allows instant notification of 911 calls to specified personnel, promoting immediate internal response alongside external emergency services.


In accordance with RAY BAUM’s Act, 911inform delivers accurate Dispatchable Location Information to help emergency responders pinpoint the exact location of a crisis within your enterprise. This covers details such as the room, floor, and street address, thereby significantly reducing emergency response times.

Mass Notification System for Your Enterprise

In times of crisis, the importance of rapid, accurate, and far-reaching communication cannot be overstated. That’s why we’ve incorporated a powerful mass notification system into 911inform. Not only does it support web, desktop, and mobile notifications, but it also ensures real-time notifications, enabling fast communication with your entire enterprise.


Moreover, our mass notification system offers four tiers of notification grouping, allowing for efficient and streamlined communication during emergencies.

Redefining Emergency Management Solutions

911inform is not just a platform, it’s an ecosystem – a comprehensive and integrated emergency management solution built with businesses in mind. With our platform, you can efficiently manage all aspects of emergency communication and response, ensuring the highest level of security for your enterprise.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Safety

911inform is designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing systems, eliminating the need for any disruptive changes in your security infrastructure. With 911inform, your enterprise can achieve an enhanced level of safety and responsiveness without disrupting daily operations.

The Enterprise Choice: 911inform

Choosing 911inform means opting for cutting-edge technology, customizable features, and a commitment to ensuring your enterprise’s safety. Take your business’s safety systems to the next level with 911inform, your ultimate partner for reliable and efficient emergency management solutions.

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