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Transforming Emergency Communication

911inform enables full situational awareness and communication across multiple platforms, granting unprecedented transparency during emergencies.

Whether landline or cellular, when 911 is dialed within a 911inform-managed area, our emergency mass notification system activates a real-time emergency event. The event triggers the notification network based on pre-configured protocols, ensuring transparency and facilitating a swift, effective response with the collaboration of 911 dispatch, law enforcement, fire department, medical teams, private security, and building staff.

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Main Features of

Caller Location Identification​

When a 911 call is made from a landline or cellular device within a 911inform connected area, our software promptly notifies all users. It delivers precise location data, supplemented with an interactive, geo-mapped building floor plan overlaid onto Google Earth. This vital situational intelligence information allows the emergency response team to locate and navigate to the emergency scene as quickly and safely as possible.

911inform collaborates with RapidSOS, seamlessly integrating with the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. RapidSOS is employed by 90% of 911 centers in the U.S., steadily increasing its reach. Our partnership allows us to deliver speedy, accurate location information, along with other critical data, to emergency call centers and first responders.

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Multi-Tiered Security Notification

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Four-Tiered Notification Grouping

With 911inform, you will have a four-tiered level of notification grouping. Depending on user class, the alerts can be specific to the building or organization-wide. For example, a security operations center can receive alerts for any 911 call within the enterprise, whereas local security/admin can receive alerts for only 911 calls at their local facility. You receive real-time notifications via our emergency mass notification system to your email, text SMS, and mobile application.

Cellular 911 Call Notification

Annually, more than 240 million calls are made to 911 dispatchers across the U.S., and nearly 80 percent of those calls are made from a cell phone. 911inform’s emergency mass notification system alerts an enterprise when a 911 call is placed from a smartphone device (Android Version 4.0+ or iOS Version 12+) within defined property boundaries providing valuable situational intelligence.

Geofence Integration

As a 911inform customer, we establish a geofence of the property and submit it to the RapidSOS database. Supported smartphone devices within a geofence will notify the PSAP/ECC that an emergency call has occurred within property limits. This ensures that alerts sent to the enterprise don’t contain personal information about the caller, maintaining complete anonymity and privacy. Each notification provides the enterprise with information about when a call was placed and where, with an overhead view of the property.

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Compliance with Legislation

In addition to our software’s many benefits, 911inform also ensures compliance with essential safety legislation. Navigating the landscape of legal requirements can be challenging, but with 911inform, you can have peace of mind that you’re aligned with key legislation.

Kari’s Law

This law mandates that businesses enable direct dialing to 911 without needing any prefix or access code. Additionally, the law requires notification to a central location at the facility where the call originated. Our cellular 911 reporting solution adheres to this law by allowing direct access to 911 and providing real-time notifications to your security operations center when a call is placed.


The Act stipulates that any call to 911 must deliver a dispatchable location to the PSAP/ECC (Public Safety Answering Point/ Emergency Communications Center). Furthermore, it should deliver a dispatchable location to on-site personnel. Our software complies with this legislation by providing accurate location data during an emergency call, ensuring that help arrives where it’s needed most.

Why You Should Choose 911inform

911inform brings a comprehensive approach to safety. Whether it’s compliance with E9-1-1 legislation and standards, or facilitating multi-tiered security notifications, our platform is equipped to meet your needs. Our system can be integrated with industry-leading voice systems, providing real-time situational intelligence, ensuring your solutions are implemented efficiently and effectively. With no requirement for new technology purchases, the software is cost-effective and will work cohesively with your existing system. Experience our high-level performance and well-established process, and let 911inform manage your safety, improve your security operations center and amplify the effectiveness of your security protocol.

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