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Real-Time Agent Assist Software

Enhance agent performance and productivity with real-time guidance and automated workflows.

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Create Better Experiences for Agents and Customers

U-Assist equips agents with the tools they need for real-time guidance. These tools help agents address customer needs promptly, resolve issues effectively, and automate routine tasks after calls.

  • Reduce Onboarding Time: Quickly integrate new agents.
  • Minimize Errors: Lower the incidence of costly mistakes.
  • Boost Productivity: Increase efficiency across customer interactions.

Business Impact

75% Reduction

in agent onboarding time

20% Improvement

in first-contact resolution

20% Reduction

in average handle time

80% Reduction

in agent errors

Features of U-Assist

U-Assist enhances agent and customer experiences through a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize every interaction:

  • Real-Time Agent Guidance: Immediate support during customer interactions with in-call alerts and next-best-action prompts to assist agents, ensuring consistency and driving positive outcomes.
  • Guided Workflows and Entity Auto-Fill: Streamline data entry and support processes to facilitate smoother interactions.
  • Knowledge Assist: Turn agents into subject matter experts by providing swift access to unified information, allowing them to offer accurate answers.
  • Promise Management: Equip agents with the tools to track and manage commitments made during interactions, ensuring promises are kept and updating customers on status changes.
  • Automated Summaries for Increased Efficiency: Utilize real-time transcription and Generative AI to craft detailed call and chat summaries, capturing key points and actions taken, thus streamlining post-interaction workflows.
  • Usage Reporting & Analytics: Gain valuable insights into agent interactions and performance, enhancing decision-making and strategy development.
  • Supervisor Application: Enable real-time managerial support by providing supervisors with complete visibility into calls and key conversation metrics, enhancing the support available to agents.

U-Assist in Action

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