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Conversational Automation Powered by AI

Elevate the self-service experience with U-SELF SERVE. This advanced system empowers customers through intelligent virtual agents that are adept at understanding and empathizing. Resolving queries efficiently ensures a smoother, more enjoyable customer journey.

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AI Self Service

With the aid of Enterprise AI, U-Self Serve refines voice and digital interactions, offering hyper-personalized services. This automation solution elevates operational efficiency and mitigates common issues such as increased call volumes and agent workload.

  • Empathetic Interaction: Virtual agents offer relatable, understanding customer interactions.
  • Efficiency Enhancements: Reduce repetitive call burdens on agents and eliminate customer wait times.
  • Engagement and CSAT Improvement: Elevate customer engagement and significantly enhance CSAT scores.

Uniphore Success Stories

Hotel & Casino:

Achieved 36% call deflection and 87% CSAT

Healthcare Provider:

Realized $200 cost savings per call, boosting member engagement

Logistics Leader:

Elevated customer preference for intelligent self-service by 30%

Features of U-Self Serve

Advanced Technologies:

  • Emotion AI personalizes interactions based on emotional cues.
  • Knowledge AI and Generative AI provide accurate, real-time responses.
  • Multimodal CX enriches customer interactions.

Integration and Optimization:

  • Unified Flow Designer enables consistent customer experiences across multiple channels.
  • Advanced analytics refine virtual agent performance and enhance customer interactions.
  • Multilingual support facilitates global customer engagement in preferred languages.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Robust security measures and compliance with industry standards ensure the protection of customer data

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