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Services That Cover The Entire
Product Deployment & Adoption Lifecycle

IIC offers a full range of professional services that cover the entire product deployment and adoption lifecycle. Our expertise in assessment and planning, design, installation, integration, application and business consulting will provide you a seamless experience from the start all the way to being fully operational, and beyond. We will strive to deliver you the optimal value from projects of all sizes – MAC (Moves, Additions, and Changes) through deployment of net new solutions.

We'll get started by examining your business and technical requirements, defining criteria for project success, and identifying risks. As part of this activity, IIC team may outline an overall implementation strategy to define expectations. We'll finalize the statement of work, define hardware requirements, and create a high-level solution design.

  • Business Discovery

  • Solution Review

  • Statement Of Work

Identify key members of the IIC team and from within your organization, define roles and responsibilities, and establish communications protocols and expectations. Establish project phases, align priorities, and create a skeleton project plan for your approval and go-ahead.

  • Project Kick-Off

  • Strategy to Implement

During this phase, the IIC team engages with your internal team, IT and business representatives, and other stakeholders to finalize the solutions design. We collectively review readiness documentation and confirm that hardware, cabling, network, and resources required for a successful outcome are available and in place to begin the software installation by creating a complete detailed project plan.

  • Design Session

  • Site Readiness

  • Project Plan

This phase involves installing, configuring, integrating, and testing your WFO solution. Installation is performed by one of our certified engineers and may be conducted remotely or on site. Our engineers and consultants will work with your internal team, end users (including system administrators), and IT representatives to provide the knowledge transfer required to operate your solution. Our roles based training approach will prepare individuals in your organization to confidently leverage the solution and be vested in the overall success.

  • Training

  • Installation, Integration, Configuration

  • End-to-end System Testing

Once the system has passed through all the required application validation tests successfully, the documentation is prepared to ensure we capture detailed configurations, integrations, customizations, etc. Now the system is ready to Go Live! Our expert resources remain by your side, ready to assist as you bring on agents to the new and/or enhanced WFO platform. IIC offers deep industry experienced consultants to assist you in best leveraging the power of the WFO suite and prepare your organization to realize its true potential.

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Go Live

  • Consulting

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