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Enterprise Call and Screen Recording

Transform your understanding of customer interactions with high-quality, AI-ready recording data.

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Capture and Leverage High-Quality Voice and Screen Data

U-Capture, an advanced screen recording software, captures essential voice and screen data from every interaction across all platforms. This tool is engineered to optimize the full potential of enterprise voice data, enabling comprehensive data analysis and ensuring robust compliance and data governance.

  • Comprehensive Data Access: Retrieve all structured and unstructured voice and screen data.
  • Integration Across Systems: Seamlessly integrate AI-ready data across enterprise applications.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Security: Ensure regulatory compliance and protect data integrity with advanced security measures.
  • Efficient Data Management: Easily search, annotate, replay, lock, and export recordings.

AI Initiatives


of Senior IT Executives regard voice as very valuable to their organization


of businesses revenue on average is spent on compliance costs. 18% of businesses estimated that more then 50% of revenue is spent on compliance costs.


of compliance teams said they are comfortable shifting to cloud-based compliance technology

U-Capture Features

  • Audio and Screen Recording: Connect agent PCs to devices for detailed recording of screens and audio, with capabilities to process, search, and replay interactions. This feature is part of Uniphore’s call center screen capture software.
  • AI-Ready Data: Access real-time structured and unstructured voice and screen data, including metadata and full transcriptions.
  • Connectivity: Utilize open access to leading AI voice technologies via RESTful APIs.
  • Data Governance: Maintain complete control over all recording data with tools to ensure data quality.
  • Cloud Storage: Securely store data in a global, containerized environment accessible at any time.
  • Compliance Enablement: Integrate complex compliance policies and automate sensitive information suppression without the need to replace existing systems.

Revolutionize Your Business with Full Data Access

With Uniphore’s U-Capture, enterprises gain total sovereignty over their voice data, providing real-time streaming and comprehensive access to high-quality conversational data. This system not only supports robust compliance frameworks but also empowers businesses to fully realize the value of their recorded data

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