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Enhancing Building Security with Incident Management Tools

In an era where technology is revolutionizing workplaces, 911inform’s Building Controls solution addresses the unique challenges today’s buildings face.

This advanced system provides comprehensive control over essential building security systems such as doors, strobes, intercoms, and cameras, and also incorporates advanced incident management capabilities. Simply put, effective building management is now just a click away on your smartphone or laptop.

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Main Features of

Modern Building Management: The Challenges and Our Solution

As our physical environments evolve and become more complex, so does the need for powerful, reliable, and user-friendly building control systems. 911inform’s Building Controls offers an all-encompassing solution, ensuring you can monitor and manage essential building functions effectively and efficiently. The integration of our emergency notification system promotes safety and security.

dispatcher using emergency notification system

Functionality of Emergency Notification Systems

911inform Building Controls system offers an array of advanced features that provide complete control over various building functions. It also integrates emergency notification systems, enabling you to efficiently manage and respond to any situation.

Video Controls

911inform’s Building Controls integrates seamlessly with your existing IP-based camera systems. During emergency events, public safety personnel both in the 911 center and on-scene can access live video feeds from 911inform connected buildings, providing real-time visual data. Once the event is concluded, access to video feeds is automatically revoked, ensuring security and privacy.

Voice Controls

Our solution also integrates with your existing intercom and PBX voice systems. This functionality allows bi-directional communication into an emergency event, facilitating efficient coordination between public safety personnel at the 911 center and on-scene responders.

Door Access Controls

Integration with existing door locks is another critical feature of our Building Controls. This feature enables remote door locking and unlocking capabilities, giving public safety personnel control to secure or access areas as required during an emergency situation or during soft lockdown scenarios.

Strobe Controls

The 911inform platform also allows integration with emergency strobe lights. Depending on the nature of the emergency, different light patterns can be set to effectively communicate the situation and direct responses accordingly.

Real-Time Control and Response with Building Controls

911inform Building Controls provides real-time control over your building’s essential functions. Whether it’s remotely managing video feeds, enabling bi-directional communication, or controlling access to building areas, our system provides the capability to manage and respond to emergencies swiftly and effectively.

emergency notification systems in action

Key Features of Building Controls and Emergency Notification Systems

Comprehensive Control

  • Remotely control key security systems, including doors, strobes, intercoms, and cameras.
  • System compatibility with both smartphones and laptops.

Real-Time Management

  • Enables real-time management of building functions for immediate action in any situation.
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure, augmenting your capabilities without significant system changes.

911inform’s Building Controls solution is strategically designed to navigate the unique challenges of modern building management. With comprehensive control readily available, you can assure the safety, security, and efficiency of your building infrastructure.

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