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Transforming School Safety Systems with 911inform

Today, school safety is more vital than ever.  Introducing 911inform, an all-encompassing school safety system designed to revolutionize how educational institutions manage crisis communication. 911inform is built with a thorough understanding of the legislative demands on school safety. We ensure that your institution is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, including Kari’s Law & RAY BAUM’s Act, giving you one less thing to worry about in a crisis.

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Optimize Your Emergency Broadcast System

Upgrade your traditional emergency broadcast system with 911inform. Our robust, web-based solution simplifies and speeds up crisis communication, enabling fast, accurate, and decisive action in emergencies. Remember, when it comes to student safety, every second counts.

A Leap Forward in Crisis Communication Software

Harness the power of our cutting-edge crisis communication software. 911inform integrates seamlessly with your current phone system, providing vital features like real-time notifications, detailed interactive mapping, and personnel tracking. Ensure your school is equipped to navigate emergencies and protect your students.

Connected Building Features

  • Connect to Door Access Control
  • Security Cameras
  • Paging
  • Gun Shot Detection
  • Facial Recognition

Introducing the Police Panic Button

Activate instant assistance in times of need with our intelligent police panic button – the 911 InformPod. This panic button offers one-touch activation, sending out an emergency notification within seconds. With the 911 InformPod, you can have peace of mind knowing help is always one touch away.

The Next Generation of School Safety Systems

911inform, the ultimate school safety system, provides an unparalleled level of safety for students and staff. Our features include comprehensive building controls, rapid emergency response, and multi-tiered security notifications, all designed to ensure that in any crisis, your school has the upper hand.

school emergency broadcast system

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Current System

Don’t worry about overhauling your existing infrastructure. 911inform complements your current safety measures, elevating them to new heights. It’s not just a new layer of security – it’s a completely new standard.

police panic button in school

Why Choose 911inform?

It’s simple. 911inform combines state-of-the-art technology with a deep understanding of the unique safety needs of educational institutions. It’s time to rethink what your school safety system can do.

Compliance with Legislation

Kari’s Law

In compliance with Kari’s Law, 911inform ensures that a direct 911 call can be made from any system, even those that typically require dialing an additional digit for an outside line. We also provide immediate notifications to designated staff, ensuring rapid response and reducing critical response time.


Our commitment to RAY BAUM’s Act is clear in our provision of Dispatchable Location Information, helping first responders locate the emergency as quickly as possible. We provide this detailed location information – including room, floor, and street address – enhancing the precision and speed of the emergency response. With 911inform, you’re not only prioritizing safety but also ensuring legislative compliance.

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