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With Red Box you have complete data sovereignty - you choose how to maximize the value of your data.

Red Box provides a next-generation voice platform that captures and secures millions of calls daily. Capture all voice communications from anywhere, irrespective of source and without needing to change your existing telecoms infrastructure.

This valuable data set can be unlocked through integration with any chosen application or with the Red Box Quantify Suite of applications.

Search & Replay


Search recordings & replay conversations based on your chosen search criteria in the built-in Media Player. The perfect application for efficiency searching large volumes of spoken audio content.

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Live Acquire


Monitor and listen to voice calls as they happen. A great application for managers and supervisors to provide real-time coaching and assistance.

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Event Reconstruct


Build a visual timeline of events & replay recordings sequentially or concurrently. A useful app for collating recordings from multiple sources to compile evidence needed for call auditing, disclosure and compliance.

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