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Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Services

Managing a 911 Center or a Police Department is becoming more and more complex. Technological advances and standards requirements are constantly evolving. There are growing expectations from a demanding public, staffing and funding shortfalls, the list goes on and on. All of these challenges can overwhelm your departments and impact the services you need to deliver each and every day.

No matter where you are in your lifecycle with your QA/QI program, Interaction Insight can help you take the next step with reducing risk, providing higher levels of service to your community and achieve your QA/QI goals and objectives with less effort.


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We have 4 different offerings that cover everything you need:

ASSESS: Analyze your existing environment, interview management pertaining to compliancy goals and performance challenges, establish understanding of SOP and policies compared to national standards, discuss QI feedback loop, future goals and staffing retention strategies.
BASIC: Set Up a Quality Assurance Program for your team Includes set up of QA program, training for internal QAE teams on current QA standards, best practices, short term monitoring for calibration and compliancy goal setting. Teaching evaluation, using custom, preexisting or software QA scorecards and proper forms.
ENHANCED: Assess your existing program: Assessment and audit of current QA program, process improvement, refresher training for internal QAE teams on current QA standards, best practices, hybrid and comparison of preexisting or custom scorecards and QA forms monitoring for calibration & compliancy goal setting.
ADVANCED: Outsourced QA Program: Our Team on Demand QAEs (Quality Assurance Evaluators) will perform multiple aspects of Quality Assurance. QAEs use feedback to feed forward your training programs and implement procedures that support continuous customer service improvement…including developing laser-focused training aids. We set up your preferred method of QA in a Crawl, Walk, Run methodology and do QA evaluations for you.

Our QA Evaluators listen and report for, among other things…
  • Attitude – tone of voice, empathy and community service; soft skills; professionalism.
  • Protocol – Applying policy and procedures as agreed upon; grow your agency towards NENA APCO ANSI standards and compliance with other related certifications as needed. (Example: Police/Fire/EMD, accreditation and other required protocols)