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IIC only sells the best Public Safety recording products in the world, which are NICE and Eventide. There is absolutely no need for our customers to settle for anything less.

Whether you are a single position PSAP on a university campus or a multi-center regional 911 center, IIC can design, implement, and maintain a state-of-the-art solution built on the principles on open architecture, ease of use, and the latest NG911 multimedia recording solutions.


NICE Inform is NICE’s flagship offering for 911 centers. A leading digital evidence management solution, NICE Inform records, manages, and synchronizes multi-channel interactions between citizens, PSAPs and first responders, to provide a complete, true record of incidents. NICE Inform assembles telephony and radio communications into an authentic incident timeline along with SMS 911 texts, geographic information systems (GIS), screen recordings, video, and other multimedia, for comprehensive insight into the “who, what, when, where and why” of incidents.

With NICE Inform, PSAPs get complete incident reconstruction capabilities today while equipping themselves for P25 and future multimedia communications tomorrow.

NICE Inform Suite Overview

NICE Next-Gen 9-1-1 Overview


Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series IP-based communications recording solutions are specifically designed for Mission Critical 24/7 operation in dispatch, air traffic management, emergency call-taking and other important communications environments. With over 6,000 recording systems deployed around the world, Eventide understands that reliability is the recorder’s primary mission. NexLog DX-Series recording solutions capture and archive media from a wide range of communications systems including E9-1-1 PSAPs, Next-Gen IP-Based 9-1-1 systems, P25 radio, DMR radio, Mototrbo radio, and so much more.

NexLog DX Series Brochure