Regardless of size, from a single PSAP on a university campus to a multi-center regional 911 center, IIC can design, implement, and maintain a state of the art solution built on the principles of Open Architecture, and provide the greatest possible degree of cost-effective growth, capacity, archiving, and functionality with NG911 multimedia recording of voice, data, images, videos, documents and more

Minimize Liability and Assure Compliance with the Industry's most Effective and Affordable Public Safety Recording and Quality Improvement Solutions

Interaction Insight can help you meet the latest demands for 911 recording of your voice and data communications, quality assurance, and integrated improvement process. We not only provide reliable public safety recording of voice and data for a wide variety of telephone and radio systems, we can help you to intelligently prioritize the most important recordings from your 911 logger for evaluation, such as on incident type.

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Incident Reconstruction

The amount of multimedia information now available to public safety organizations is continuously increasing. Audio, video, photographic, CAD, GIS or other captured desktop screens can be crucial for investigation or evaluation and training. It needs to be captured, reconstructed, organized and stored, and done so accurately, efficiently and securely. IIC solutions help to solve this problem by fusing these different types of multimedia information into a common application and interface. Our solutions provide structure to unstructured multimedia, seamlessly combining the data for a complete, authentic, chronological audio/visual timeline and 360-degree view. Emergency Services, can benefit by saving time, money and resources; improving processes, interoperability and accuracy; and complying with the most stringent legislative and security requirements.