Preventative maintenance

Preventive maintenance routines to perform proactive diagnostics of your WFO system, which may include system error checks, environmental conditions, review of backup performance, scheduled system recycles, and hardware maintenance.

Disaster Recovery Management

We will work with you to strategize, build, and maintain Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans to minimize any outages to your mission critical Wokforce Optimization solution. We offer services to periodically test established plans to assure success if and when the need arises.

Application Helpline

Have questions on application features, functionality or interoperability? IIC Application Consultants are available to provide you the essential guidance and peace of mind.

Hardware Replacement

Certified IIC engineers are available to troubleshoot and/or replace server and recording hardware for covered equipment.

value-added support packages

Product Support

system updates

Software manufacturer released defect resolution updates are applied by a skilled IIC engineer at regularly scheduled intervals. Our resources will also work with you in reviewing and supporting application of software manufacturer approved Microsoft updates. These planned events occur in conjunction with your business and IT organizations.

We at Interaction Insight Corporation understand the value and criticality of your Workforce Optimization solution. Our team of dedicated experts are certified in supported applications and trained on industry best practices. We are committed to your success and excellence in all we do.‚Äč

Remote Access and Diagnosis

IIC team is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to engage and review alarms, outage reports, escalate to software manufacturer, work with your internal IT and/or 3rd party vendors in achieving effective resolution.

On-site Support

If remote engineers assess that an onsite presence is optimal to provide resolution, a member of the IIC team will come onsite to get your system up and running. Based on the results of the remote diagnostics, we will equip our onsite resource with the knowledge and tools to address the issue at hand in the most expeditious manner possible