Contingency Planning and Execution

Systems do fail, we are here to assist in planning and building strategies in mitigating the impact to your operations and possible financial risks. Our experts will engage with your IT and business teams in designing, deploying and validating Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions. Review and validate backup procedures and availability is part of this critical process. To assure success when the time comes, we will schedule and run scenario tests to continuously improve upon established processes and procedures.

Vendor Interaction Management

One system, many players. Leverage our knowledge, partnership with key service providers, and our established industry leadership. We will engage on your behalf with all vendors – telephony, software, hardware, network – helping eliminate unnecessary reiterations taxing your team and drive timely resolutions.

Application Administration

We will take responsibility for day-to-day functions in application administration – including setup of new users, changes to existing users, and updates to accommodate business process changes.

Software Monitoring

24x7 System alarm monitoring utilizing SNMP/SMS/Email capabilities and/or 3rd party monitoring utilities. We will triage alarms, take appropriate actions in engaging manufacturer support, internal IT, or other 3rd party vendors; trigger and manage set escalation procedures.

System Maintenance

Operating System, Hardware, Databases, and 3rd party applications – there is much required to assure your critical business application is running at its optimal performance and preventing costly outages. IIC brings the expertise and best practices to light in performing these critical tasks on a regularly scheduled basis.

Change Management

IIC expert resources work with your business users, internal IT organization, and software manufacturer in identifying possible impacts to operations and existing functionalities from recommended changes/updates. Planning through execution, we remain focused on maximizing uptime and minimizing impact to your operations. Achieve adherence to your existing change control processes and policies, or help  establish industry best practices in change management. 

Software Version Control

Hot Fixes, Service Packs, and Dot releases through major version upgrades, IIC team will engage in review and assessment of vendor release documentation, support staging and testing key functionalities pre and post rollout.

Managed services

In today’s cost conscious business environment, doing more with less is the reality. Our highly customizable portfolio of managed services will relieve your organization from high costs and staffing challenges. Our experienced team will keep your WFO system running at its peak performance, delivering operational excellence. We will provide you the assurance you need, while significantly reducing your cost of ownership.

Executive Report

In partnership with your organization, we will establish executive review process providing insight into categories of trouble tickets, identify possible hotspots and proactive measures to mitigate future risks. IIC team will provide analytics on system and application uptime and help identify opportunities for continuous improvements.

Resolution Management

Active participation in review of every reported incident, understand and approve all vendor recommendations and actions, track and report response and resolution times, bringing accountability across the board.

Maintain Design and Configuration Changes

Who did what, when, and why? IIC team will create and maintain a living document to track initial design, updates and changes taking away the unknown. Enabling effective diagnosis and troubleshooting of application outages and aide in planning future changes.​

Proactive System Validation
IIC team will go beyond alarms monitoring in assuring your business critical applications are performing optimally – series of test plans designed to test key application level functionalities are run frequently – checking recording availability, data consistency, agent evaluations, reports, and other critical functions.