Customers are in the driver’s seat. With the proliferation of social networks and unlimited access to information, they are well-informed, vocal and have high expectations. In this reality, delivering an exceptional customer experience is more challenging than ever.

An agent's performance has a direct effect on a customer's experience. The better agent's performance, the higher the customer satisfaction. Most companies recognize this, in fact, in a recent survey, more than 80% of companies say they want to improve the way agents handle customer interactions. Yet most centers still approach agent improvement in a traditional way which does not close the loop on connecting what happened in the past to drive better performance in the future.



Did you know that 85% of all Contact Center are just performing
​RANDOM SAMPLING?..................Does this sound familiar?

Imagine..... how much you could increase your customers’

satisfaction if your best
supervisor could…

  • listen to all your past interactions
  • find out what makes customers happy… and what drives their displeasure
  • understand the customer experience across all communication channels

With NICE Customer
Satisfaction, you
don’t need to imagine!

…and then  sit next to every agent, and guide him or her during every customer interaction to:

  • take the best action in any situation
  • quickly find the right answer to any question
  • use best practices to increase customer satisfaction

We help you get closer by: Capturing and analyzing all interactions across the customer journey and applying big data technologies to identify valuable patterns, trends and Voice of the Customer insights
Harnessing real-time capabilities to take action, quickly resolve issues, leverage sales opportunities and optimize processes

Employing Workforce Optimization tools, including gamification and collaboration, to drive employee engagement, align teams on common metrics, and translate root-causes and best-practices into increased productivity

Interaction Capture Corporation gets you closer to your customers, analyzing every interaction and transaction to build a detailed picture of the person. Only when you’re this close to individual customers you can understand, predict and adapt to their needs in real time. Knowing them means you can create tailored experiences that go beyond what they expect. We help you build closer relationships with the people who matter most to your business. Because when you really understand the person, you can truly serve the customer. 

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